International Workshop on "Renewable Energy and Storage Devices for Sustainable Development (IWRESD - 2021)" [In Virtual Mode]

International Workshop on “Technopreneurship for DevelopingCountries : Challenges and Opportunities in Technology Transfer and Commercialization for Developing Countries", 24-25 November 2020

International Virtual Training Workshop on “Capacity Building in Developing Countriesin the Management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Geographical Indications (GI)”, 11-12 November 2020

International Training Program on "Generic Drugs" [In Virtual Mode]

Greetings from the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre)!!

A generic drug is a pharmaceutical substance that contains the same qualitative and quantitative composition as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) which was originally covered in patent by its inventor and whose bioequivalence with the reference drug has already been demonstrated.

National Science and Technology Commission

Invitation for New Members

The Senior Scientists Forum (SSF), formerly known as the Research Leaders Forum was inaugurated in June 2001, with the main objectives of encouraging and strengthening cooperation in science and technology among scientists in Sri Lanka, and involving scientists and technologists in the formulation of S and T related policy with decision making.

Importance of Science and Technology for Socio-economic Development

All aspects of life are based on science and technology, which has existed since civilization. Life starts from elements in the periodic table and ends up as ashes which contain the very same elements and are then returned to the soil. During early civilization, man had only the basic needs to sustain life such as food, water and shelter. Food was their medicine too.

කොරෝනා වෛරසය : මවකගේ කාර්යභාරය - ජාතික විද්‍යා හා තාක්ෂණ කොමිෂන් සභාවේ සභාපතිනි මහාචාර්ය ක්‍ෂණිකා හිරිඹුරේගම

මවක ලෙස අපගේ කාර්යභාරය විවිධය. ප්‍රධාන වශයෙන් පවුලක සමගිය සාමය සහ සාර්ථකත්වය රඳා පවතින්නේ මවකගේ ඉවසීම සහ කැපවීම මතය. මවක් ලෙස එක් අතකින් තම දරුවන්ගේ පෝෂණය රැකගත යුතුය.