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Invitation for New Members

The Senior Scientists Forum (SSF), formerly known as the Research Leaders Forum was inaugurated in June 2001, with the main objectives of encouraging and strengthening cooperation in science and technology among scientists in Sri Lanka, and involving scientists and technologists in the formulation of S and T related policy with decision making. At the time of inception, there had been around 220 members in the Senior Scientist Forum and had had a Steering Committee of 8 members lead by the Chairman. Senior Scientist Forum has carried out many Science and Technology related activities in the past and has been active until 2010.

National Science and Technology Commission (NASTEC) is in the process of reactivating SSF as one of the consultative fora of NASTEC.


  • 45 years of age or above
  • With a basic degree or equivalent and a postgraduate degree or an equivalent professional qualifications in fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical and Health Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, or Social Sciences
  • With a minimum of 15 years of experience in a University and/or R&D Institution (Public or Private sector)
  • Committed towards development of Science and Technology and willing to dedicate their services and knowledge towards its enhancement are invited to join this forum as members

If above eligibility criteria are fulfilled, please complete the SSF membership application form and send it with the Curriculum Vitae through the Head of Institutes to the Acting Director, National Science and Technology Commission, 6th Floor, Wing D, Sethsiripaya Stage II, Battaramulla. The Application forms could be obtained from Signed scanned copies are also accepted

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Senior Sceintist Forum Application Form