No. NAM – 04/145/2020

14 October 2020

International Workshop on "Renewable Energy and Storage Devices for Sustainable Development (IWRESD - 2021)" [In Virtual Mode]

Greetings from the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre)!!

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) - 7 is a universal call for clean and affordable energy for all nations and for every person on the Earth. The increasing pressure on Earth due to population increase and demand for a better life style have necessitated a need for increased use of energy. This has resulted in mounting pressure on the use of available resources which is now mostly met by fossil fuels. The rate of energy consumption is much higher than it was ever before and the demand is on the rise. The use of fossil fuels as the world’s dominant energy supply is damaging the environment and causing changes in global climate patterns. Fossil fuels are also a finite resource, and the current situation is, therefore, unsustainable. Therefore, use of alternative methods of energy supply is inescapable. Energy sustainability can only be realized through an inter-relationship between a growing economies, the need for environmental protection and increased social responsibilities in order to provide an improved quality of life for current and future generations.

The promise of renewable energy can only be realized through significant investments in research and development on alternative, sustainable technologies such as solar, biomass, wind, hydropower, geothermal power, ocean energy sources, solar-derived hydrogen fuel, and the energy storage technologies necessary to operate them competitively. Investigations are also required for new materials, processing technologies, instrumentation, and many other packaging materials, which are cost effective and can provide clean electricity to the common people. Indeed, the transition to sustainable energy may well be the biggest business opportunity of the 21st Century.

In order to deliberate on the current trends in clean energy generation, its storage, harnessing and policy related issues, the Centre for Science & Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) jointly with the Amity Institute of Advanced Research and Studies (Materials and Devices) [AIARS (M&D)], Amity University, India, announces the organisation of an ‘International Workshop on Renewable Energy and Storage Devices for Sustainable Development (IWRESD-2021)' during Tuesday, 12th – Thursday, 14th January 2021.The Workshop will be held in Virtual Mode.

The following may please be noted:

  1. The Conference will be hosted by the Amity Institute of Advanced Research and Studies (Materials and Devices) [AIARS (M&D)], Amity University, Noida, India and will be organized in Virtual Mode.
  2. Last date for submission of applications to attend the Conference is 7th December, 2020. Only limited seats are available for participation in this event. Since a large number of applications are expected, early response is advisable to avoid disappointment.
  3. Application (except from India) for participation in the Workshop along with required documents may please be sent only to the NAM S&T Centre as e. mail attachments (E-mail: in the Application Form enclosed with the attached Announcement Brochure. Applicants from India should, however, submit their requests directly to the Amity University, India (E-Mail:
  4. The applicants must submit an extended abstract of the papers (300 – 400 words) proposed to be presented by them during the workshop.
  5. Selection of applicants will be made based on their academic and professional background, relevance of their current engagements in the field of Renewable and Clean Energy, and the quality of the abstract submitted along with the application.
  6. For applications received from Member Countries of the NAM S&T Centre and the NAM S&T - Industry Network Members, which are regularly paying their annual subscription: The NAM S&T Centre will consider only one official nominee of each Member Country / organization provided the application is routed through the Focal Point of the NAM S&T Centre in the applicant’s country/organization, subject to the applicant fulfilling all the above stated criteria. Additional applications endorsed by the Focal Points may also be considered for selection subject to availability of seats.
  7. For applications received from the Member Countries of the NAM S&T Centre and Network Members defaulting on the payment of their annual dues, and any other countries that are not Members of the Centre: Under the guidelines, such applicants, if selected, are required to pay a nominal processing fee to the Centre for their participation. However, to encourage deserving scientists, experts and professionals, their applications may be considered on a case to case basis without charging any such processing fee, but subject to availability of seats.
  8. Other details are available in the attached Announcement.
  9. Information on the Member Countries and S&T-Industry Network Members of the NAM S&T Centre and names/addresses of the Focal Points may be seen on the Centre’s website
  10. English will be the official language of the Conference.

All correspondence may please be made by email. Kindly avoid sending us fax messages or hard copies to save paper and energy.

All documents may be prepared in MS-Word Format or electronically scanned and sent as attachments to the email.

This is a general circular and you are requested to kindly forward this announcement to the concerned individuals as well as Ministries/Departments, S&T organisations, universities and academic institutions and related agencies in your country.

We solicit your kind cooperation in getting the best suited applicants for this Valuable Workshop.

Amitava Bandopadhyay, Ph. D.
Director General, NAM S&T Centre
Dr. Amitava Bandopadhyay,
Director General,
Centre for Science & Technology of Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre),
Core 6A, 2nd Floor,
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road,
NEW DELHI - 110 003 (INDIA)
Ph. :( +91) (11) 24645134/24644974 (O)
Fax: (+91) (11) 24644973

Workshop Announcement on IWRESD 12 - 14 January, 2021
Application Form & CV Workshop on IWRESD 12 - 14 January, 2021
NAM Centre CV Format
Poster IWRESD 12 - 14 January, 2021