The Young Scientists Forum has been established to give the younger scientists an opportunity to voice their opinion on S & T issues both within and outside their respective institutes and thereby actively participate in the decision-making processes. In addition, the forum is set up to develop and strengthen the skills of younger scientists.


  • Commitment towards assisting the development of Science and Technology and willing to dedicate their services and knowledge towards its enhancement,
  • Below 45 years of age,
  • Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree (minimum) from a UGC recognized institution or equivalent qualifications and Involvement in research and S&T activities
  • Membership Categories:
    Full Membership : Those who serve in a permanent position at Research & Development (R&D) or Science & Technology (S&T) institution or a University in Sri Lanka.
    Annual Membership (valid for 5 years): attached to a S&T or R&D institution in Temporary Positions (Research Assistants and Postgraduate students are also include)

Please find the application form in the link below and send your filled applications to along with your CV.

YSF membership application