Joint NAM S&T Centre – ICCBS Fellowship in Natural Products Chemistry, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: Call for Applications for 2022-23

National Science and Technology Commission (NASTEC) is the focal point of the Center for Science and Technology of Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Center), India. NASTEC provides fellowship opportunities for the scientists and technologists in Sri Lanka with the respective announcement released by the NAM S&T Centre to its member countries.

This Fellowship is offered to scientists and researchers of the Member Countries of the NAM S&T Centre and the Members of its NAM S&T–Industry Network for affiliation with the International Centre for Chemical & Biological Sciences (ICCBS), H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, and Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, University of Karachi, Pakistan [] for a period of up to ~3 months to work in the ICCBS Laboratories in the areas of Drugs Research and Development including Natural Products Chemistry and Herbal Medicines; Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals; Molecular Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Structural Biology, Nanotechnology, Proteomics and Genomics, Clinical Research etc. in order to enhance their research skills, facilitate exchange of information and contacts and create a network between the scientists and researchers from Pakistan and other developing countries.

NASTEC is pleased to circulate this fellowship announcement by inviting the interested individuals to apply. Applications recommended by the parent institution of the applicant and endorsed by the Focal Point of the NAM S&T Centre (which is NASTEC) may be submitted to the Centre by email ( in the relevant format. To receive the endorsement from NASTEC which is the focal point of the NAM center, please send us your filled application and other relevant documents to

There is no last date for submitting applications and selection will be made on first-cum-first basis strictly based on the professional details of the applicant, plan of work to be carried out and mutual research interests of the applicant and ICCBS. Copies of the guidelines for the Fellowship and the application form can be downloaded with below links.

Announcement, Guidelines & Nomination Form_NAM S&T Centre-ICCBS Fellowship 2022-23
Application Form for NAM S&T Centre - ICCBS Fellowship 2022-23